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Jay Perez's voice in my opinion is at a level that just can't be reached by many. The man is in many's opinion the true King of Tejano. This years Vocalist of The Year and for very good reasons, he has been nicked named "The Voice" and it shows why. This mans voice is so versatile that he can go from Tejano to R&B in the blink of an eye and then jump into a cumbia like it was nada. I have seen him perform on sevral occasions and everytime I think it just don't get better, then Jay goes and proves me wrong. He pours his heart into every performance and always gives his fans 150%. I have had the chance to witness Jay prove over and over that his fans are important to him. Always willing to sign an autograph or take a picture no matter how tired he is. And more recently I saw Jay take the time to come into the VIP Chat room to hang out with his fans, nothing planned he got invited and went. He stayed in there chatting with his fans for not 1 but over 2 hours and the fans went crazy over it, It's still being talked about. Thats just the kind of  person he is, always willing to go that extra step to please a fan. He is backed by an outta this world band..the guys are some of the best in the business. Jerry De La Rosa is a prime example of that..cause this guy is not only the best keyboard player out there, but he also writes, produces and does alot of the behind the scene work.
The latest cd is entitled "Siempre Contigo" and if you don't have it yet, you need to go out and buy it. It is one awesome personal favorites on this cd are #3 No Quiero Estar Solo, #9 Mil Botellas, and #1 Fuieste Muy Mala. 

Here are a few pictures I have taken of Jay at the Worlds Largest Tejano club..Tejano Tx. I will be adding some more pictures of Jay and the band very soon so please check bk soon.

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Click on the small picture to get a bigger picture.

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Jay and my friend Maggie At this Moment Jay in the neon moon Another fan meets Jay
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Another night at Tejano its easy to see how much Jay Perez pours his heart into the music. I'm so glad I was able to attend another jammed packed night of The Voice.

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Brought on stage by his manager Mark Grado..

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Jay and Mark doing "Till the end of the road" Mark Ledesma Mark and David Ledesma Jerry De La Rosa

I have gotten the honor of spending some time with Jay and Maria..and let me assure you they are both the kindest people anyone could hope to meet. Maria's beauty is something that is very obvious in pictures..but getting to know her, it is easy to see that her inner beauty shines so much brighter than any physical beauty could ever hope to shine. Shes got a big heart and is a very smart woman. And Jay..pues..what can I say..Bro..I came to you as a've treated me like a friend. It's been so bad ass watching you in a more relaxed enviroment..I wouldn't trade that for anything.  With Jay's consent I have decided to share a few of the more personal shots I have taken.

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Maria waiting for the printer to get done. Hanging out with them at a local bar. LOL

This beautiful young lady here is the model that will be featured in Jay's new video for the song "No quiero estar solo". Her name is Lori and she is a very sweet girl, she is also a very modest person for being a model.

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This is the look I was waiting for and my film had to be messed up. Oh boy the jokes that were told that night!

Peace Out and May The Voice Be With You!

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Jay Perez is managed by Mr. Mark Grado of Groove Entertainment
(210) 746-5605

For Booking information:
(210) 946-5830
Fax (210) 946-5831



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