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Kamarada's Rules and Terms

1. Show respect for the artists and fellow posters.

2. No cussing will be tolerated.

3. No insulting, or degrading comments to any one will be tolerated.

4. No continued negative comments or rumors.

5. No links or URL'S to any illegal software or images are allowed.

6. I will delete any message I feel violates the rules or is inappropriate.

7. I or any of my advertisers or sponsors shall not be held responsible for any messages posted on Kamarada's Tejano Board.

8. This is my page, therefore I make the rules. If needed I will add to this section without further notice.

9. If you disagree to a deletion of your posting then E-Mail me.

10. It's real easy folks...if you don't agree to theses terms than do not post onto Kamarada's Tejano Board.

If you do not follow the above rules and terms then this will be grounds for getting banned from Kamarada's Tejano Board. I and only I reserve the right to say who gets banned from the board.

Now that that official stuff is out of the way....Lets all have a good time and try to learn from one another.