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A This hot and rising band is out of Pasadena Texas, They are signed with Freddie Records and have shared the stage with artists such as Bobby Pulido, Los Palominos, Intenso and others. They are fronted by the lovely Cynthia Garza, whos beautiful voice is going to be on the airwaves for years to come. If you have yet to purchase their first CD entitled " Siempre Me Recordaras " then you need to go add this one to your collection soon.

I heard from Cindy recently and she tells me they are working hard on the second CD and look forward to presenting it to the public...She thanks you all for your support and sends her best!

Huracan Contest

The first three people that go to my message board right below and write down the words to one of the Grupo Huracan sound files you hear on the sound section of this site will win a prize! Up for grabs is one Grupo Huracan "Siempre Me Recordaras" CD and two autographed 8x10 photos of the beautiful Cynthia Garza. Once I get the 1st three contestant I will place each name in a bag and have my son pull out one to determine the CD winner. Good luck to all! And please check back for the next contest in the near future!

Kamarada's Tejano Page

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This is the 1st single off their CD.

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If anyone wants to post a comment or question,about Grupo Huracan or any other Tejano topic, I have put up a message board on my site.

Kamarada's Tejano Page

Go by the record company that Grupo Huracan is signed with, If you decide to write to them be sure and tell Maria that Kamarada said " Hola ".

Freddie Records

Cynthia Garza and I would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit the Huracan site.

I'd like to take this time to give Cynthia Garza thanks for all her input on this site.

Any comments, suggestions or questions can be E-Mailed to me below.

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Return Often cause this site is always

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Please don't forget to sign the Huracan message center below.











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