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You know how it's done, just click on the image you wanna see and you'll get a bigger image.May I suggest that you right click on the picture and open it in another window so that you don't need to hit the back feature and get that banner again.


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Emilio with my Pride & Joy


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This is Laura Linda, and I finally found out who the extremly beautiful lady to her right is. I got the chance to meet and talk to her. For those of you that were wondering...her name is also Laura Linda, she is sitting next to her aunt.


I got the chance to see La Diferenzia perform on 4-25-99 and I must say I got more than I expected. The band puts on a good show, Ricardo really gets into his music with the crowd. He had the crowd singing right along with him. I have had requests for pictures of  Ricardo, so here are a few pictures I took on that day.

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My on line friend..La Gringa with a few guys she kinda likes.

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To end the mystery of what I look like.


Photos 2

Photos 3


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