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Well on the night of  2-4-99 I got the great pleasure of seeing Elida Y Avante perform at the largest tejano club on this side of the galaxy,Tejano Tx. They put on a great show, the lights were great,the music even better, very energetic show. At one point Elida asked the crowd for a moment of silence in honor of the Intocable loss, then she went on to dedicate a song to them.The tears built up in her eyes as she sung, It was a very touching moment. I got lucky enough to be seated right up front next to the stage, but I got even luckier during her break. I was allowed to go into the back room that was connected to the dressing room. I got to meet Elida, and let me assure you that she is the nicest person you could hope to meet.  I also got to meet the accordian player whom turns out to be from my home town of  Brownsville. I got to talk to him for a few minutes and he seemed to be a very kicked back kinda guy. I was very impressed with her and the bands overall attitude and talents.

These are some of the Pictures I took when they played at Tejano Tx

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Ay como me duele! Do you think I was close? Well..I was!
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Such a vision of lovliness

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She is worth this and so much more.

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Cande Aguilar
One hell of a musician from Brownsville Tx. He tore sh*t up on his solo.
My version of the perfect sunset. I don't think the song Epi and Elida did together in this pic is on any of thier CDs.But I hope it's on the next one cause it was
Bad Ass!

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A dedication to Intocable. It was a very touching moment.


Once again my camera had the honor of shooting some pics of EyA. 4-25-99 Once again Elida and the guys put on a great show. I tell you I just love this band, not only very talented but also very down to earth. 

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I'd like to take this time to thank Cande for being so cool to me, you're 1 hell of an artist and guy.

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Noel singing along Elida and Noel singing together Who's this guy pointing that camera at me?
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Epi doing his thing Epi and my boy Epi singing along

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Thats it for now.


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