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TTMA Awards Given To:

1st Lifetime Achivement Award .. La Mafia

Humanitarian Award..  Ram Herrera

Tejano Norteno.. Limite

Tejano Cross Over.. Javier Molina

Video Of The Year.. Ruben Ramos Como un suspiro

Conjunto Traditional..  Intocable

Show Band..  Tropa F

Female Vocalist.. Jennifer Pena

Male Vocalist.. M. Salgado

Rising Star Male.. Chente Barrera

Rising Stat Female.. Margarita

Male Entertainer.. Bobby Pulido

Female Entertainer.. Jennifer Pena

Conjunto Progresive.. David Lee Garza

Album by.. Group Mazz


My page, My opinion

Ok here goes...1st of all I mean no disrespect to the other artist because I am a fan of both of them.   But  I saw the dissapointed looks on the faces all around me when these awards were handed out. And I also did a small survey and I will say this. It is in the opinion of many that  JAY PEREZ and ELIDA REYNA were ripped off. Those awards belong in their hands. I am a very big Jennifer fan as most know and I mean no disrespect or insult to her, but Elida deserved to walk away with vocalist of the year. And M. Salgado whos cd's I buy often...I like his music a whole lot. But   I am sorry....You just can't compare the 2. Jay Perez's voice is at a level that is hard to touch. How can ttma keep bringing Salgados name up in all these Norteno catagories and then hand him the TEJANO vocalist of the year. TTMA you now got the TEMA to deal with and I think it's time you open your ears and listen to the fans. You think I'm full of it.. thats fine but look at your books...I went to the TTMA 2 years ago, I got there at 4pm just to be sure I got in fast and in place. I did the same this year....I must say, theres was alot more people there when the doors opened 2 years ago and  theres was more in attendance then than this year. I was up front in line to get in and after the man in charge of the red jackets saw how many people were in line...he ordered them to put away a few of their ticket stalls. Take notice.

Jay Perez if you are by chance reading this....That award was yours and we all know it and you should too. No te aguites! Us the Tejano  fans are the ones that go out and buy your cd's not the TTMA.  I know they're not giving you the respect you deserve, but next time your on stage take a look at the smiles on your fans faces and know we all respect and love you. Your music has made me feel so much better when I'm down and I know it has that effect on thousands upon thousands. There is one and only one " The Voice ". Jay Perez the true Vocalist of the Year.

On a lighter note...La Mafia's performance was beyond awsome last night. I have seen them on several occasions thru the years and I can honestly say...last nights show was truly historic. Seeing Oscar on his knees singing to his fans with tears building up in his eyes was nothing less than spectacular. I am saddened at the fact that last night was the last time I will see La Mafia perform. I wish them all the best and thank them for all their music and all they did for the Tejano movement.

For those of you that are offended by my words...I apoligize. It is merely my opinion and I am just another drop in the bucket. So don't let it get to you. QUE VIVE LA ONDA TEJANO!    

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