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These are the few autographed pictures I have gotten.

Myelida.jpg (38136 bytes)
This sweetheart is the Female Vocalist of The Year!

Emilio.jpg (15214 bytes)
The man with that wild split.

Jperez.jpg (19122 bytes) Chente.jpg (36763 bytes)
Vocalist of the Year...It's about damn time TEMA gave him what he's deserved. Used to play for Jay, now on his own and doing just fine. A very talented guy.

Cynthias.jpg (52059 bytes)

The beautiful Cynthia Garza of Grupo
Huracan.If the picture looks messed up..It is. Don't get me started in what I think of the Post office.

Espada.jpg (25659 bytes)
Edith from Espada y Diamante.
Dlg.jpg (35744 bytes)
DLG has produced so many good singers that have gone on their own. And yet he always manages to remain one of the top Tejano bands around. My baby was so happy when she got this autograph. Come on Tejano Tx...Make that DLG reunion happen here in San Antonio.
Llinda.jpg (43056 bytes)
I'm sure you've heard this before but, her name really does fit her well.

stef.jpg (25461 bytes)

Our autograph of Stefani
Dmarez.jpg (5576 bytes) Marknd.jpg (6905 bytes)
David Marez David and Mark Ledesma
Mguerra.jpg (12612 bytes)
Margarita, Joenie and Jessica Guerra

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